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Today we will separate the myths and facts involving the use of synthetic oil. One of the first and most common myths about synthetic oil is that it will wear down your engine seals and cause leaks. This simply is not true. As many other myths, this was based on a fact. In the 1970's oils used primarily esters, which were hard on engine seals and could cause eventual leaks. In the last 30 years the manmade oils have come a long way and now cater more to the delicacy of engine seals.

Another common myth is that if you start with a mineral (conventional) base oil you can't switch to a blended or full synthetic oil. This also is false. You could actually switch back and forth if needed as long as the engine seals are in good shape. While the fully synthetic oil will not cause a leak, it certainly will expose it. Reason being the oil is thinner than that of your average conventional oil .

One of the most recent myths to be discussed is rather or not the use of synthetic oil can or will void your warranty. The answer to that is not true. Actually, many vehicles now come standard with at least a blended motor oil. Some vehicles with the higher performing motors will now require the use of a fully synthetic oil.

When deciding the most important fact is this.... Check with your manufacturers recommendations! Each vehicle has different requirements and what holds true for one vehicle may not hold true for another. Ask your mechanic about the different options available to you for your vehicle.